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Students Get Work Experience at Garrison Jobs

WIESBADEN, Germany -- Thirty-six high school and college-aged students spent a good part of their summer working, earning money and getting job experience as part of the U.S. Army Europe Youth Employment Program -- Summer Hire Program. Within U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, five went to work at the post office, two at the Wiesbaden Library and two at the Rheinblick Golf Course for the six-week program. Others worked for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District and U.S. Army Europe. "The program is set up to try to teach them what it's like to work in a professional environment, to teach them the skills and to have to get up in the morning, go do a job and be held accountable," said Patricia Benz, supervisory Workforce Development Program specialist. Gabrielle Ruffin and Julia Kaiser worked in the library. Their supervisor, JoAnn Ogreenc, said they have been reorganizing hundreds of books, helping customers find things, reshelving items and helping with the summer reading program. Kaiser, who is attending the University of Maryland University College, said she likes working at the library because besides brining in much-needed funds it has helped renew her interest in reading for fun. "I've gotten into Harry Potter - I'm on the third book now." She added that she was appreciative of the convenient seasonal times of the Summer Hire Program, which caters to students. "I'm really blessed to be in this situation with my work and college where I can live with my parents and still save money at the same time." Ruffin, a sophomore at Wiesbaden High School, said her job at the library has taught her how to better manage her time. She also said the job is a chance for her to give back to her parents who have always supported her. Summer Hire positions are announced on in April, and candidates may choose to be placed in a clerk or laborer position. "The program promotes good work ethics through experience and fosters responsibility in preparation for future education and career goals, thus giving a positive influence to the youth in the community and supporting the Army mission during the summer season," said Lorraine Liebes, Human Resources specialist with the Wiesbaden Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

Volume 14 Issue 1
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