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Looking for the most cost-effective way to reach your target market?
        Advertise in KMI Media Group's high-targeted publications!

KMI Media Group is a dynamic publishing company driven to excellence by an experienced management team dedicated to delivering the highest-quality defense-related publications and websites. Focusing on DoD decision-makers tasked with planning and acquisition decisions, we provide the information key to their visions, goals, needs, and challenges.


Editorial Focus

Each title is geared exclusively to all facets of its vertical market as they relate to the military. Articles on the latest trends, issues and programs in these rapidly expanding fields are written in an informative, colorful and lively format for the Executive Branch, members of Congress, top Pentagon leaders, military program and acquisition managers, defense laboratories and industry executives. The editorial content is closely aligned with the needs of our well-defined audience of decision-makers, who look to us for reliable information on the direction and doctrine of the armed forces.  No other publications bring the ideas and visions of the top Defense leaders, who know that it is the best communication tool they have to deliver their message. Our #1 priority is total commitment to our decision-making readership and our advertisers.




Unique Circulation 
KMI has developed a dynamic, accurate, and targeted mailing list from the ground up that puts us at the forefront of all other military information publications. Our experienced circulation staff knows what it takes to stay on top of the ever-changing movement of military and government personnel. When we mail a magazine, it gets delivered!


Mailing Lists


Tables of Organization 
Because of our unique position with the military's top leadership, we are able to add names and contact information from throughout the organizational makeup of most military agencies and programs. This depth of contact gives our advertisers the best access to those intimately involved with budgets and spending authority.


Conference Attendees' Lists 
Our staff talks with the military information technology and communications leadership, knows what they are doing, what they have, and what they need. Much of this comes from our extensive participation at military conferences and briefings around the country. From these, we are able to add to the names of key individuals that drive policy and acquisition. KMI has the contacts you need!


Purchased Lists

We are not satisfied with a list purchased from somebody else, so we created the best circulation database anywhere. And, KMI constantly updates and modifies this information to make sure that it is as accurate as possible. You cannot buy the kind of accuracy that our list offers. Other publications depend on purchased lists, but they are not always up-to-date due to the rapid military turnover rate. No one offers a more focused and current circulation list than KMI.

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